V-Anvil Micrometers

What is a V-Anvil Micrometer?

The v-anvil micrometer is a measuring tool that is used to measure the diameter of cutting tools.  These include reamers, taps, and end mills.  The tools usually have between 3 and 5 flutes. The v-anvil micrometer is also used to inspect the roundness.  This procedure is a result of centerless grinding or similar operations of machines.

V-Anvil Micrometer Features

This particular micrometer has a great deal of features all of which are meant to serve one of three areas that include ease of readability, handling or durability. As such, it is much easier and more comprehensive to cover the features in their specified areas.

  • Readability – The top feature that allows the V anvil micrometer to be easier to read is the direct measuring. This means there are no formulas or other measurements that one has to conduct to arrive at the figure that they are after.The micrometer also has a satin chrome finish in most of the brands which not only resists rust but also makes it easier to read since it does not have a glare.The sleeve design has staggered lines and distinct figures allows for better and more precise readings.The quick readings are also well put out and well-marked at every thousandth of an inch marked for easier readability.


There is also another set of features that are added to the V anvil to make it easier to work with. Among these is the well balanced frame accompanied with a thimble design that make this micrometer easier to handle and read.

The ring type knurled lock nut allows for quick, sure and more accurate locking hence allowing for better readings.

V-Anvil Micrometer Durability

Some of the features that have been added in order to boost longevity include the rigid one piece frame that is made from drop forged steel for superior strength and performance.

The spindle is also made from an extremely stable one piece frame and this is even made more durable by the micro lapped measuring faces.

How is the V anvil micrometer different from other micrometers?

There are a couple of differences between the V anvil micrometer and other micrometer. These differences are both structural and also functional which makes this particular tool stand out among the peers.

While a greater number of the other micrometers are designed to measure more symmetrical and round objects, the V anvil is among the few that are able to measure fluted objected and in this case the 3 to 5 flutes. However, the range can vary as you please or depending on the tool that you would like to measure.

They are also known not only for their functionality but also for their durability despite their small size in nature. This makes them a tool of preference to many users considering the high quality build that is usually part and parcel of the design.

Unlike most of the other micrometers, the v-anvil micrometer does not have a standard per say. This is because there are new tools and fluted objects that are being released on a daily basis. Therefore, unlike the other micrometers that work on a basic principle, the v-anvil micrometer has to keep evolving. This allows demand to be met in the market.

Tips for using the V-Anvil Micrometer.

  • Be sure to purchase a micrometer that is going to serve the purpose that you intend for it. In this case, you have to pay special attention to the number of flutes.
  • When measuring odd fluted cutters like those that have 3 or 5 flutes, you have to make sure that one of the cutting edges is in direct contact and lines up with the micrometer spindle axis. This way you are able to get a more accurate reading.
  • There are several companies that manufacture v-anvil micrometers. Each model has different designs and materials, however, do not be swayed by this. Make sure that you buy a v-anvil micrometer that is durable, functional and affordable as a bottom line.

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