Best Sewer Line root killer

Best Sewer Line root killer Reviews 2022

I bet that you would have experienced clogged drains in your house and you would be like “Ahh not again!”. But did you know that the drain clogging is mostly caused by overgrown tree roots which enter the Sewer Line pipe and blocks it completely. This will result in complete blockage of the line and hence, it will result in overflooding etc. These are not the only harmful effects. When the tree roots block the pipe, the tensile strength of the pipe is reduced as the tree exerts pressure on it. Hence, the pipe will snap like a twig. This will cost you a fortune to rebuild pipes as it is deep underground. So, its better to take care of problems when it’s in a beginning level. Hence, this article gives you the best Sewer root killers according to our best knowledge and experiences.

Top 9 Best Sewer Line Root Killer

1. zep inc erk2 Zep, 2 LB, Drain Care Root Kill:

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The Zep drain root killer is one of the most effective root killers as it gets the job done efficiently and quickly. The zep Inc root killer comes in a crystal or a granular form. You just have to sprinkle it through the pipe and it gets the job done. It contains a chemical called copper sulfate which takes a major position in killing the roots. But, you absolutely don’t need to worry as it just kills the roots blocking the Sewer Line completely and does not harm even a stem of the other part of the tree. Hence, you do not need to feel guilty about it. You just sprinkle this twice or thrice a year and it does its magic. It completely clears all the blockage and makes it clean as a whistle. The granules comes in a bottle weighing approximately around 2 lbs, so you have sufficient amount of the granules for at least a couple of years. 

2. FDC PURE Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Crystals:

The FDC company has pride about the fact that the copper sulfate the company produces is of approximately 99 percent pure. This copper sulfate comes in a packed and sealed bottle. The copper sulfate is bright blue in colour. This helps you drastically to unclog the blocked Sewer pipes in your house. Just like the zep Inc killer, this also does the job wonderfully. This also comes in a granular structure and you just have to do one job, that is to sprinkle it throughout the pipe, and in no time it clears out all the tree roots which have blocked your drainage system. This also won’t harm the trees, in fact, it aids to a better growth as copper content in soil is very important and copper also acts as a fertiliser. 

3. Alpha chemicals Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate – Crystals:

The Alpha chemicals copper sulfate crystals comes in a greyish plastic bag and has a satisfying amount of copper sulfate and is definitely worth the price. The copper sulfate will be of  great use to you as it helps you clean and unclog your sewage it drainage pipe and makes it clean. The overgrown roots which would have reached the pipes will be killed and unblocked. This takes place effectively after you just put the chemical. This is a granular type or structure and it does the work just as good as other root killers. This won’t affect the growth of the tree from which the root as grown. This just kills the root and states its job as done, so you do not need to worry about it. The copper sulfate crystals manufactured by the Alpha chemicals is completely pure and you can trust it completely. 

4. Enforcer prod. Drain care root kill:

The enforcer drain care root kill is one of the prominent drain clearing products which has a high demand in the market. It comes in a white bottle and it is mainly made of this chemical named as copper sulfate. Copper sulfate is very effective in killing the overgrown roots which paved its way into your drainage pipe. This would have resulted in clogging your drain pipe completely. If you leave your pipe like that, then you may experience this. That’s why prevention is better than cure. Copper sulfate are bright blue crystals which are really strong. You just have to sprinkle it twice a year. The copper sulfate does only kills the root and nothing else. The tree will be completely unharmed and you can be at ease. 

5. Seed Ranch copper sulfate crystals :

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The seed ranch copper sulfate crystals are one of the best products to kill the extra roots which are blocking and clogging your drain. This comes in a packet and is given a satisfying amount. This can last you a year easily,so it won’t be a waste of money. You just have to sprinkle the crystals and flush them down and it reaches the pipe. It does its magic and that too, pretty fast. You just have to wait for a while and, voila! It is done. Your drainage flow will be as long and continuous as the Nile river. The copper sulfate does not harm the other parts of the root, that is, it does not harm the tree of the root and it aids to better development of nutrients in the soil as copper is one of the main components to fertilise the soil. 

6. Earthworks Health Copper sulfate crystals :

The Earthworks Health Copper sulfate crystals comes in nice packaging. This copper sulfate is approximately 99 percent pure and it is really strong. This means that it can kill the roots blocking your sewage or drainage pipes very fast and does its job efficiently. The earthwork health copper crystals is approved by the officials that it is hydroponic. This means that it is completely nature friendly and does not pollute soil in any kind. It does not harm the tree part from where the roots have grown. The crystals just kill and destroy the roots. After this, your drainage system will have a steady flow and won’t experience and kind of blockage. You have to flush the crystals down the toilet and that’s it. If you do this twice a year, then you won’t experience any blockage problems. 

7. Patriot Chemical Sales 10 Pounds Foaming Root Killer:

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The Patriot chemical root killer is a unique product. That is because this is not like the normal root killers. This is a foam or liquid type of root killer instead of the normal granular type. The packaging of this product is really safe and tightly sealed, so it won’t harm any of the people around it. You just have to take two cups of the liquid and flush it down the toilet. This works quickly and effectively. The liquid surrounds the root and quickly sucks all the sap from it hence killing it. Your drainage will then have a steady flowage. The chemical won’t harm the environment and does not harm the tree to which the root is connected to.

8. Earthworks Copper Sulfate mini crystals:

The earthworks Copper Sulfate crystals does its magus when your drainage is blocked. It is one of the most demanded products in the market. It comes in a granular it crystal form. All you gotta do is flush it down the drain and wait for the magic to happen. This reacts pretty fast and is very convenient. The Copper Sulfate crystal is approximately 99.9 percent pure. So, imagine the effectiveness. The overgrown roots which are blocking your drain will get cleared immediately. But, don’t worry, it is completely environment friendly. That is, it does not harm the tree to which the root is connected to. The crystal is  hydroponic approved, hence it is safe. The amount given will be sufficient for a year or two if you sprinkle it twice a year.

9. Roebic Foaming Root Killer:

The Roebic Foaming root killer is one of the best root killers there is. This is a unique type as it does not contain any copper Sulfate and is purely organic as there are no chemicals in it. With this, you just have to use this once in a year and that will be sufficient enough to kill all the roots overgrowing and crowding your drainage pipe and hence blocking it. The Roebic Foaming root killer acts in an instant. When you flush the foam down the drain, it kills all the roots in an instant, and the best part is, it covers the whole drainage pipe and keeps it full roots free. The package or bottle of the Roebic foaming root has a sufficient amount, that is 1lbs. You just have to pour it in the toilet and wait for the miracle to happen. 

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