Best Psychrometers

Best Psychrometers Review 2022

Psychrometer is a tool which is used to measure Relative Humidity and they are mostly used in Meteorology.It contains two thermometers namely wet bulb and dry bulb to measure the Relative humidity.

Analog,Digital,Sling are three types of Psychrometers but mostly Digital Psychrometer is used these days, as it is portable,easy to use,can be carried anywhere,gives accurate results and reads the input fastly compared to other psychrometers.

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Basically these Psychrometers work  with the temperature difference between wet bulb and dry bulb,if the difference is less then there is low evaporation which indicates that relative humidity is high.Similarly,if the difference is high and there is dehydration which indicates relative humidity is low.

These Psychrometers are mostly used by HVAC professionals to record the temperature,relative humidity,dew point and many more. If you are searching for an adaptable psychrometer then you are at the right place.In this  article we will guide you to choose the best psychrometer.

So,let us have a look at the best Psychrometers.

Top 7 Psychrometers Reviews

1. Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Psychomotor

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This Fieldpiece PRH2 Digital Psychomotor is a pocket Psychrometer which can be easily fitted into a pocket.It can be used everyday for instant relative humidity reading and it is a must have for HVAC professionals.

Wet bulb,%RH,dry bulb,dew point measurements are shown on backlight.The measurements can be taken while walking or can also be taken in duct.

It has a dual display which enhances the visual display of readings.and has a battery life of 100 hours with 1 AA battery.

This Psychomotor indicates the change in relative humidity based on the change of temperature of wet bulb and dry bulb.

HVAC Professionals,who used this Psychrometer told us that it is very easy to carry this as it is a less -weighted Psychrometer and easily can be stuck to pocket so that it cannot be lost and also they stated that the readings are very accurate.

2.UEi Test Instruments DTH35 Digital Psychrometer

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UEi Test Instruments have over 50 years of experience in this field of manufacturing and designing the best for the public use.Over the years there products never disappointed customers.

UEi have their own technical and repair teams so that all the problems can be solved in very limited time.

This DTH35 Digital Psychrometers is another innovative venture form UEi Test Instruments which measures relative humidity,temperature by calculating enthalpy of moist air,wet bulb,dry bulb and dew point.

Outlet applications,ambient applications or induct applications can be done by this Psychrometer as it is designed in such a way that it can support all three applications.

Coming to the functioning of this Psychrometer the temperature that can be recorded is between -20 degrees C to 50 degrees C or -4 degrees F to 122 degrees F, Relative humidity between 0.1 % to 99.9 %,Wet bulb reading between -15 degrees C to 49.9 degrees C or 5 degrees F to 121.8 degrees F, Dew point between -20 degrees C to 49.9 degrees C or -4 degrees F to 121.8 degrees F and Enthalpy between -2.2 to 292KJ/KG or -1 to 125 BTU/LB.

Professionals who used this Psychrometer are impressed  with its 2 CR2032 batteries which have very long life and also appreciated UEi for its quality and accuracy.

3.Fieldpiece SRH3 In-Duct Digital Psychrometer

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This Fieldpiece SRH3 in-duct digital Psychrometer is a perfect tool for determining optimal air flow across an evaporator with targeted evaporated air flow temperature and also for determining superheat with the help of a quick sensor placed in the Psychrometer.

It has a 38 inches telescoping probe which has a ruling and flattened edges to accurately measure readings and can measure relative humidity,wet bulb,dry bulb,dew point and %RH.

Once it is inducted near the evaporator then it takes quick readings from the center of the duct and immediately displays the reading.And also it ensures that the units are running at maximum efficiency.

It also has a magnetic hanger and stabilizing cone through which hand free testing can be done.

These Fieldpiece Psychrometers are specially designed for HVAC professionals to ease their work.The dual display,Bright light,long battery life and rugged rubber boot with probe clips make sure that the Fieldpiece SRH3 is ready for use.

4.Extech RH350 Psychrometer with 2 Type K Remote Temperature Probes

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This Extech RH350 Psychrometer is a data logger digital Psychomotor which has a air temperature reading between -20 to 50 degree C or -4 to 122 degree F,Type K temperature reading between -200 to 1370 degree C or -328 to 2498 degrees F,humidity reading between 10 to 90 percent RH and dew point reading between -68.0 to 49.9 degree C or -90.4 to 122 degree F.

Triple Backlit LCD displays Air temperature and humidity with either wet bulb,dry bulb ,dew point or Type K temperature.

The temperature difference between T1-T2,air-T1 and T1-dew point can be displayed with the help of differential function.It has advanced features,due to which the psychrometer can store 99 data points through the in-built memory structure..

It can be powered off  automatically with auto shutdown feature and shows all minimum,maximum and average captured data readings.It has an in-built RS232 interface which can be used to download data from the device into a PC with 407752 software for further analysis.

It runs on four  batteries of range AAA with long lasting battery life and also it is mostly used by HVAC professionals.This multi-featured Psychrometer is very much affordable and easy to use.

5.Mengshen Digital Psychrometer

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This Mengshen Digital Psychrometer is a 2-in-1 Digital Temperature and humidity Psychrometer which can measure wet bulb temperature,relative humidity,dry bulb temperature and dew point  accurately.

Its measurement range is wide with humidity readings between 0 to 100 percent RH,Temperature readings between -30 degrees C to 100 degrees C or -22 degrees F to 212 degrees F.

It takes only ten  seconds to show the recorded relative humidity and also has a backlight through which temperature humidity readings are easier to read if there is no light or it is dark.

This widely used Psychrometer can  be used anywhere like apartments,warehouses,laboratories,greenhouses,aquaculture and industries.

Its nine volts battery supports long life battery which means the psychrometer can be used for longer time and customers rated this as the most accurate psychrometer as it shows the accurate readings within a range of ten seconds.

6.Fieldpiece SDP2 Dual in-Duct Psychomotor

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The SDP2 Dual in-Duct Psychomotor is more than any HVAC psychrometer,it gives an more insight to the HVAC professionals with its new features.

It has a new feature where it can take upto four evaporator measurements like supply dry bulb,supply wet bulb,return dry bulb and return wet bulb at a time.

It also takes real-time snaps of the evaporator at all conditions and also it automatically calculates target delta-T,actual delta-T,target evaporator exit temperature and actual evaporator temperature and also it displays dew point and enthalpy in  real-time.

It also has 38 inches telescoping probes to record humidity,bright backlight to read the readings even in the absence of light and dual display.

It helps HVAC professionals to easily record the temperature and also does more than that and also has a wireless communication facility which lets the professional to be at many places at a time.

7.Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer

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This Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer is a multi-functional Psychrometer which can easily display two parameters namely humidity and temperature or humidity and dew point or  Switchable°C/°F temperature units or humidity and wet bulb simultaneously  at a time.

It recorded a highest 2% RH accuracy and also it has a built-in-sensor through which the psychrometer responds quickly and at a maximum the psychrometer takes ten seconds to show the readings.

It has a hold,by clicking this button one can easily freeze the screen and also has min and max buttons by clicking this the reading does not change until it records less or more temperature.

It is designed in a way that it can be held easily and the buttons are very easy to operate with a single hand.

It is specially designed for HVAC professionals,water damage restoration professionals and also to monitor Temperature and relative humidity in factories,greenhouses,warehouses,clean rooms,communication center rooms,offices and libraries.

HVAC professionals who used this Psychrometer have mentioned that it helped them to find the accurate readings in very short span and also the battery life is very long and its dual-display makes the screen very clear and the backlight which helps in reading the measurement in the absence of light.

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