Best Paint Thickness Gauge

Best Paint Thickness Gauge Reviews 2022

A paint coating thickness gauge also known as paint meter, is used for the purpose of measurement of dry film thickness. It is said to be the most critical measurement in the coatings industry because of its effect on the coating process, cost and quality. This dry film thickness measurement indicates a coating’s expected life; ensure compliance with a host of International Standards and the product’s appearance and performance. It can be a difficult task trying to sort all the paint meters or coating thickness gauges which is why we bring to you the best ones here!

Top  11 Paint Thickness Gauge

1. Coating Thickness Gauge CM-205FN

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This gauge has a 2.2’ display and ice backlight. It comes with a high-definition data display and all the numbers are large in print which improves usability of the customer. The device can be used on any kind of surface like concave, rough or convex and the answers would still be accurate. However, its accuracy can increase or reduce by 3%. This is because of the dynamic design of the measuring sensor. One can wear gloves and use the device for it has large buttons. Also, it is light in weight. Its resolution is 0.1 um/0.01 mils and the measuring range is from 0~1500 um (0~59.1 mils). It can automatically recognize ferrous (iron) and non-ferrous (aluminum) substances. It includes an automatic shutdown feature if the device is not used. It has easy and quick calibration of the zero surfaces. For better protection, the sensor is coated with Teflon which makes it durable to use for many years. The thickness gauge can be used in all kinds of weathers ranging from -13F to 104F, inclusive of humid conditions. This device can be used to determine the average thickness of paint on the car body. It can be used by amateurs or professionals in workshops, automotive, manufacturing and paint shops. 

Customers, who have used the device, have loved it for being such a handy tool. It can be used at the time of buying or selling the car. The readings are instant. One can easily find out if the car has been repainted or the body has been changed with the help of this device. The size of the gauge is perfect and can fit anyone’s hand easily. The customers have loved the cheap price it comes in because it works just as it is advertised. 

2. ERAY Paint Coating Thickness Gauge

The measuring range of this gauge is from 0~2000um. Maximum 320 readings can be stored in 4 general groups when the power is off which means 80 readings per group can be stored. The readings are easy to restore, recall and delete, too. It has human-oriented interface and has a backlight LCD display. The users are permitted to set the parameters visually before using it. The device will show you when there is an error and even when the battery is low. One can view the readings after transferring the data to a PC. Of course, one will have to install software to transfer the readings and view them which is made available through a CD. One can even set up low or high limit alerts. The device will alert you when the limit exceeds. Since, it comes with a 24-month free replacement feature; it has a wide variety of uses like that in a laboratory, workshop, ship-building, paint shops, aircraft industries, and automobile. 

Customers have appreciated the plastic toolbox in which the device can be stored when not in use. They have also loved the other accessories provided like the batteries, the USB cable, and software CD. The readings were accurate and it pleased the customers. Also, the cheap price it comes in has encouraged a lot of people to but it. It is among the highly recommended gauges.

3. VVV Group Paint Thickness Meter Gauge

It has a magnetic tip which convenient in reaching odd places like curves. It can be used on old, dirty cars as well as in the rain since it is water resistant. Because of its compatibility with digital gauge, it is very accurate in determining the thickness. With the device, a color scale is given which let you to determine if the car has had any damages. This is the perfect tool to tell if the car has been in any accident before and if the lacquer is original. This product can be useful for both professional and personal uses. A car dealer can get this to understand the current condition of the car and an individual can get it for himself when he wants to sell his car or purchase a new one. It is shaped like a small pen though it is made up of high quality materials. It is easy to carry around as its weight is almost negligible to other coating gauges. 

Customers found this gauge very easy to use. All you have to do is keep the tip of the magnet on your car and watch the color displayed. Then, compare the color with the colors on the scale and determine for yourself if the area is repainted. It has shown people the repainted areas as the magnet sticks more to the thinner areas and less to the thicker ones. Customers recommend this to all those who are looking for a handy yet inexpensive tool to buy for their cars.

4. Eplidan Paint Thickness Gauge Meter 

Eplidan 2000 has a wide 2.2’ inch HD LCD display which can show all the numbers clearly. One can use this device with gloves on, on surfaces which are smooth, rough, curved and thin. It has features like automatic shutdown and battery indicator which make it durable. It automatically detects ferrous and non-ferrous substances with zero calibration and multi-calibration. In addition, it can also automatically detect substrate materials. It has a measuring range of 0~1500 um (59 mil). It is accurate however accuracy can differ from 3%. This device can be used widely in various places like automobile workshops, manufacturing, metal processing, paint shops, commodity inspection and other areas. 

Customers have loved the accuracy of the device. It can be used easily by anyone. However, it should be calibrated before use. It shows whether the car is repainted again or not. It can determine the damages. And it is proved to be user-friendly because with the gauge, one will also get a scale to understand the numbers shown on the display screen. 

5. CARSYS Coating Thickness Gauge DPM-816

This sensor is made in Russia that has a wide range. It has an accurate sensor for ferrous and non-ferrous substances and has special signals for indication of the same. This outstanding device lets you measure on all kinds of surfaces like concave, convex, smooth and thin. It has easy switches between the measuring units of mil, um and mm. One will have to calibrate the device before use which can be done in like 5 minutes. The wide and informative screen displays only necessary information to the user. The ergonomic design gives a good grip while using the device. And it has buttons large enough that a person can use them even when wearing gloves. The device can sustain in any weather like snow, rainfall and even hot summer. It can withstand temperature from -13 to 104F. The device has various uses like for workshops, manufacturing, and factories. It is the perfect device for checking the car body without any additional settings. 

Customers have loved the product for its accurate measurements. Of course, one needs to calibrate it first. It comes with instructions to use and after understanding the technique it is pretty simple to work with. People without any prior knowledge of how to use this gauge have figured it out themselves without needing the manual and that shows how effortlessly the device works. It is pretty inexpensive at the same time. 

6. RockyMars UT343D Digital Coating Thickness Gauge

This device has an auto-rotatable display so that the person can read from all sides. It can automatically recognize ferrous and non-ferrous substances. Its calibration is between zero and two-point which assures high accuracy. In addition, it comes with Go-NoGo Indicator. If the device indicates green color then it is qualified, if the color is red then it is above the limit and yellow would mean below the limit. The meter can store up to 500 group readings which can be viewed on the PC with the help of a USB cord. It has a measuring range of 0.1 um (0.01 mil).

According to customers, the gauge is reliable as it gives accurate results. The device could be used right after it was delivered. It is simple to use yet accurate in use. One can carry it anywhere as it is lightweight and compact. It can be used in places like paint shops, by car dealers, in automobile, in factories as well as by individuals for selling and buying cars. 

7. Elpidan Paint Thickness Gauge Meter

This is a gauge meter by Elpidan with a measuring range of 0~1500 um (0~59 mil). It has an LCD screen with 2.2 inch wide display screen. It comes with a backlit and auto-rotate screen. It can automatically detect ferrous, non-ferrous and substrate substances. In addition, it has three calibration modes which are basic, offset and zero calibration. One can even select the screen brightness and switch between trend graph and bar graph view. The device automatically shuts down when not in use. USB cable is provided with the help of which the device can be recharged from time-to-time. It is reliable as the device can measure smooth, rough, thin, concave and convex surfaces. Device can store up to 1500 readings. It can be used in various fields like manufacturing, paint shops, metal processing, workshop, automobile, commodity inspection and other similar areas.

Customers have reviewed the product to be reliable and can be used repeatedly. It is a good gauge for daily purposes for car dealers. It is compact and the design is amazingly created. It is a handy and precise tool for those who need a good product for measuring the paint thickness on a daily basis. The level of accuracy is commendable. It is recommended by happy customers.

8. ALLOSUN Digital Painting Thickness Meter

This meter has automatic calibration with a minimum size LCD display. It comes with a measuring range of 0.0 to 2.0 mm. The device gets it power from a 1 piece 3V button cell or a battery equivalent to it. It is advised to move away the battery’s insulating piece before using. This meter is designed to non-destructively measure the thickness of materials which are non-magnetic like enamel, plastic, paint, epoxy, etc. on metals like iron, steel or aluminum. The device can sustain in any weather with temperature ranging from -10C to 50C. It is extremely portable and lightweight. 

Customers in the field of automobile dealership who need to use it daily for value inspections and repairs have found it really reliable. Prior repairs are effectively shown with the device. The device has proven to be really accurate with the data it showed. One can easily understand how to use the tool with the help of an instruction manual provided. It is advised to use the buttons softly and to hold it on a flat surface. It has a good rating and is recommended.

9. Extech CG204 Coating Thickness Tester

This product has two measuring modes mainly, single and continuous. In addition, it has two modes of working, direct and group. Manually, one can set low and high level alarms. It can automatically determine ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. The memory of the device can hold up to 400 readings which are inclusive of 80 direct and 320 group reading. This device needs 2 AAA batteries which are included with the device. It is really lightweight. 

According to customers, the device has a good screen which is easy to read. When calibrated, the device gives accurate results. However, one will have to calibrate after every time he/she turns off the device. Anyone can buy this device from an individual who wants to buy a new car to a dealer who deals in cars and automobiles. This device works perfect for its price and is worth every penny. 

10. allsun Thickness Gauge Paint Meter

The gauge has a medical range between 0.0 to 2.0 mm. It can measure the thickness of substances which are non-metallic effortlessly. It gets power from 1 piece 3V button cell, CR2032 or equivalent. This device does not destroy any of your car materials while checking. It is also used for body filler. However, the packaging does not include calibration plates. The device does not weigh more than a couple ounces which makes it very portable. In this gauge, CR2 batteries are needed. 

Customers have loved the price the gauge comes in. They have found the system to be working great. One can use the gauge anywhere like in workshops, paint shops, for manufacturing, in industries and even for simple individuals. Some customers had problems using the gauge but with the instruction manual, things were simplified.

11. Carfidant milPRO Professional Paint Meter Gauge

This gauge meter can be used by professional dealers in automobiles. The thickness gauge works just fine with iron (ferrous) and aluminum (non-ferrous) metals. It has an exceptional accuracy and resolution of 0.1 mils. This meter gauge comes pre-calibrated although it can be calibrated again in 10 seconds when it comes in contact with the material. With the meter gauge, one will find a plastic hard case, user manual, carrying pouch and calibration strips. 

A dealer in cars or even an individual who wants to buy a new car can make use of this gauge and determine if the car has been repainted or been damaged before. In this way, this meter gauge has turned out to be helpful to a lot of customers. It is termed to be really accurate and professional. In addition, the extra accessories make it one of the loved gauge meters for inspecting the paint coating on old and new cars. It has good ratings. Hence, it is highly recommended. 

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