Mitutoyo Micrometer Set 0-6″

A micrometer set is a great investment for anyone looking to measure a wide range of material.  For many people, a nice set of micrometers will last a lifetime.  Here’s some of our favorite sets manufactured by Mitutoyo.  The following micrometer sets are capable of measuring material that ranges between 0-6 inches.

Mitutoyo Interchangeable Digital Micrometer Set

This digital micrometer set by Mitutoyo is our go-to set when measuring varying widths and depths.  Our favorite features include:

  • SPC Data Output – This allows you to transmit your records to an external device, such as a computer.  This is a huge time saver.  You also eliminate the possibility of human error when you use this method.  Data output is our favorite feature when it comes to digital micrometers.
  • IP65 Rating – An Ingress Protection 65 rating means that this micrometer set is resistant to dust and debris.  It is also resistant to penetration by coolants or liquids.  This is extremely helpful depending on what type of environment you work in.  Our micrometers get covered in coolant and water on a daily basis.

This is the highest rated 0-6 interchangeable digital micrometer set on the market right now. Click the link below for the current price and more information.

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Mitutoyo Interchangeable Micrometer Set

The Mitutoyo 104-137 Micrometer Set features interchangeable anvil rods.  This is a great space saving technique, whereas you only need one frame. A set like this is perfect for a personal garage, where only one person would be using the micrometer at a time.  This set comes packed in a custom wooden box for extra protection.  Click the link below to see the current price and 5 star reviews.

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