Mitutoyo 293-340 Review

Mitutoyo 293-340 Review

Mitutoyo is known for manufacturing one of the best quality micrometers on the market.  The Mitutoyo 293-340 is a great investment for anyone that needs to measure material less than an inch.  Here’s some information about our favorite micrometer.


There is lots to love about this micrometer.  Here’s a list of the pros.

  • Digital LCD Screen – This model includes the digital LCD screen.  This allows you to get a quick and accurate measurement without the hassle of reading the scale.
  • Spindle Lock – The spindle lock securely locks the measurement position so you don’t lose track of your readings.
  • Carbide Tipped Measuring Surfaces – The carbide tips prevent wear on your micrometer.  This will extend the life of your new purchase.
  • Coolant Proof IP65-MX – Certified IP65 means you can work with this micrometer in enviroments that may contain coolant, oil, and other liquids.  This micrometer is built to withstand these types of environments with no negative impacts.
  •  0.00005″ Accuracy – This allows you to get the most precise measurement down to a hundred thousands of an inch.
  • Ratchet Stop – This feature applies consistent force, making it easier to share between different users.



Depending what you are using this micrometer for, you may find these cons about this particular model.

  • Weight – This model weights slightly more than standard micrometers because of the LCD screen and battery.  However, this isn’t a major issue.  Most users get used to the added weight after using it for a day or two.
  • No Computer Output – If you need to import your readings into a spreadsheet, you might consider a model that offers computer connectivity. This feature would save you time if you need to record dozens of readings.


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Our Assessment

We try to share our honest opinions with each micrometer review.  The Mitutoyo 293-340 is our personal favorite.   It’s used by dozens of people in our shop on a daily basis.  The digital LCD screen paired with the precise accuracy of Mitutoyo make this micrometer the perfect choice for anyone needing to measure material less than an inch.  You can’t go wrong with purchasing a micrometer manufactured by Mitutoyo.  This specific model is one of the best sellers in it’s category. Highly recommended.

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