Best Hour Meter Gauge

Best Hour Meter Gauge Reviews 2022

Are you looking for an hour meter for marine, motorcycle, ATV and various other engines? Are you having a difficult time deciding which one to get? You can now forget your worries and relax a bit as we have got you covered.

 We have made your search easier with the list given below.

We have done a detailed research on various types of hour meters, their ranges (AC/DC ) which best suits your work and listed them accordingly .

The products have been shortlisted based on the overall star rating and also on the reveiws received from the customers using the product in store.

Best Hour Meter for Dirt Bike, Generator

1.Hardline Products HR- 8061-2 Hour Meter

The Hardline products hour meter can work on any gas engine that requires 2 cylinders. The input can be adjusted for various types of ignitions which even comprise of fuel injected engines. It also has resettable maximum RPM. The hour meter can show RPM’s when the engine runs. The hardline hour meter is the best selling hour meter in the market as they provide great reliability and features. It includes easy installation features along with simple patented one wire wrap, the installation wires are about 14 inches long. The internal battery can last upto 10 years. The modern LCD, solid state electronics and great environmental durability along with enhanced functionality makes it the leading OEMs with the best of all possibilities.

2. NKTECH NK-HS2 Inductive Hour Meter

NK- HS2 inductive hour meter can be used for marine, motorcycle,ATV, spark plugs,valve, adjustments, etc. NKTECH NK-HS2 Inductive Hour Meter can record or can display for about 9,999.9 hours and the standby time is upto 20,000 hours.The stick can be easily installed. It requires no wiring. The automatic roll has a resolution of over 0.1 hour and it also has 100% epoxy encapsulated which resists shock, water and can even stand fire upto 85°C. NK- HS2 inductive hour meter is totally battery free as it can be connected to spark plug wire. This hour meter can work on any gas engine.There is no clicking involved like those in the mechanical meters.


This inductive hour meter can be used for motorcycles, marine, sparks, valve, adjustments, ATV,plugs etc. No battery attachment is required in order to spark the plug wires. It has full epoxy encapsulated casings which provides resistance against shock, water and it can even stand fire of high temperature as of 85°C. The peel and stick can be easily installed, no wiring is necessary at all. This hour meter can work on any gas engine. It can record and display  9,999.9 hours and the stand by time is over 20,000 hour glass symbols appear. In order to indicate the counting time, it flashes on and off.


The quartz hour meter has an hour reading of about 99,999.9 hours and the quartz accuracy is  0.01. The hour meter can be fitted into a 2″ round hole and it also has an adjustable retainer in order to ensure that the hour meter can be surmounted on a material upto 9/32 inches thick. The plug length is of 14MM/0.55 inch and the meter depth behind the panel, where the plug is included, is 1.77 inch/ 45MM. The searon quartz hour meter is commonly applied in automobiles, boats, UTV, ATV, jet ski, lawn tractors, pumps, shredders, wood chippers, snowmobile etc. 


The quartz hour meter has been specially designed for supplying data and standard industrial timing in order to refer maintenance duration for precision equipment. The unit has its use in the tracking of engine hours and is also functioned to keep track of engine hours so that the user can keep on monitoring service intervals. This mechanical hour meter can work on any AC/DC powered engine. The mechanical hour meter has been designed to consume very less power. The product is completely sealed and is also dump-proof and dust-proof. The accuracy is quite high and the counter never loses. The hour meter records and displays for about 99,999.9 hours. The performance of AIMILAR DC mechanical hour meter is quite reliable, has a long life span and it also comes with a warranty of one year. The power voltage in DC is 6-80V.


This mechanical hour meter is mostly appropriate in the maintenance of standard industrial engines. It is also vastly used in construction vehicles, generators, farm machinery, traffic canes, cars, kilns etc. It can be easily installed by just connecting the positive and the negative pin to the power. The hour meter works on any AC 110- 250V powered. It is designed in a way so that the hour meter consumes less power.The AIMILAR AC 110-250V  MECHANICAL HOUR METER  is completely sealed and is also dump-proof and dust-proof. You can totally depend on the performance of the hour meter as it is very reliable. The timer has a 6 digit display. The least significant digit is 1/10 hour and it operates on input voltages from AC 100-250 V.


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