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Best Edge Finder Reviews 2022

Imagine you are working very hard on a work piece and you cannot find the edge of it. Pretty stuck right? What if said that a tool exists to get rid of your problem? Edger Finder is the tool which allows you to find the edges properly without any difficulty. It is a tool which is used in the milling machines. The edge finder is also available in different sizes. Each of them has their different features. You can select the one you find the most favorable. In order to drill a hole you might need the coordinate points for which the reference of the edges is required so here comes the need of an edge finder.  

Top 8 Edge Finder

1. MITUTOYO Edge Finder

It is the most accurate edge finder you will find out there. Such a great tool for the price is worth having one. It gives you the satisfaction of getting your work done quickly. It has a shank diameter of 3/8’’ and a tip diameter of 200’’. This edge finder is used in the milling machines. It will help you drill your holes with ease by giving you accurate edges. The tool is of great quality and works very smoothly. Its body is made up of steel. The tool is hardened for constancy and safety. The tool is a necessity for all the machinists.  

2. STARRETT Edge Finder

I would recommend this tool to everyone. It is a great edge finder and of a superior quality. This tool is a must if you work on milling machines may it be of any size. It is very easy to handle and gives you the right accuracy. You will get yourself a cheaper edge finder yet which works very smoothly and gives you precise results. The tool has a single end. It has 0.375’’ body diameter and 0.2’’ contact diameter. The body and contacts of the tool are made up of steel and are very hardened so that when you work on the surfaces to get the outcome real quick. The tool also has a protective case to make its life longer than usual. The tool is provided to be attractive and customers find it quite a good one to have. The tool is polished to the close clearance for circularity. In short it can be said that ‘It is starrett ‘and that is enough. 

3. MITUTOYO 050103 Edge Finder

The tool works so great that you would recommend giving it a five stars for its feedback. It gives you repeatability thus resulting in giving you the feeling of satisfaction. The product works well and is very accurate. You need not find a replacement for this one. Mitutoyo edge finder is a brand in itself. It has a very good tension on the spring and has a very smooth flow. The main feature is that the tool can work for several years even if you accidentally stab it in the work piece. It is a good quality tool at a very good price. It has 3/8’’ shank diameter and 0.200’’ tip diameter. The tool is cone shaped from one end and cylindrical shaped from the other end. The cylindrical shape is used for the edge fender well as the cone shaped is used for center finder. Thus it can be called as two in one product. It is used in the milling machines to find the edge precisely. This tool comes along with a storage pouch and is also very hardened for constancy. The tool is worth giving a try. 

4. TESA Brown and Sharpe Edge Finder

Brown and Sharpe makes very fit and finished products and this edge finder is not an exception. You may find the tool is other countries as well take for example Switzerland and China. It is said that Brown and Sharpe cannot go wrong and make very good tools of superior quality. It provides you the class and satisfies you in every way possible. You can for sure use this tool to set up your machines. Taking about its features, the edge finder is made from Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) 58- rated steel. For a better use the tool is fully hardened. It has 3/8’’ shank and a 0.200’’ head diameter. But the tool is of single use. Its steel body also prevents it from any kind of scratch and decay. The strength of the tool is good which makes your work done with ease. It is rated up to 1000 RPM. Half the head diameter away from the work is the center finder also the spindle which the instrument has should contact with the surface of the work then your job will be done. Thus you can say that the work of the Brown and Sharpe is to provide you the best tool including high quality and performance and it is your work to make the best use out of it. 

5. F-ber Edge Finder

We do wish for our everyday work to be done quickly so that we can be free from work and rest at the remaining part of the day. This edge finder can fulfil your wish. It gets your things done real quickly. It has a very great quality plus accuracy. Such a good tool at this cost is a boon and it works for long lasting years. Now, this tool has many highlighting features. Starting with the one I find the most attractive. The edge finder contains LED lights which lights up very loudly and brightly whenever the tool touches the work piece. Isn’t it amazing? There is no need to rotate the tool and also it is made up very hardened and precision ground for convenience. The shank diameter and probe diameter of the edge finder is 20mm and 10mm respectively. The rotation of the tool is also not essential while measuring. On the milling machines also this tool saves your time and finds out edges very quickly. Even a battery of two pieces containing 11.5 mm diameter is required. When the balls break away the safety spring puller brings it back very accurately. It contains a location sensor that uses red pilot light which can be seen easily and also a beeper which can be heard from a specific distance very clearly. 

I would like every other person out there to make use of this tool to be done with the tension of your work quickly and find your perfect edges. 

6. FOWLER Edge Finder

This is yet another edge finder worth having. It is a bit similar to the previous one with slight changes. The product is made in the USA (United States of America). It does significant work and is very accurate. The repeatability is also very good on the machine, it gives 0.0002’’. The tool is of great quality and also has a non-spin function. The value of the edge finder is up to the mark and it is very easy to handle. The tip of the tool is cylindrical shaped which helps to find edges effortlessly. The main feature of the edge finder is that it has six spaces which are equally distanced from each other that provide you the brightness from every angle. When the stylus touches the edges of your workpiece you will know then and there because the edger finder lights up bright. The ball of the tool is spring loaded which provides protection of approximately 1mm until it hits the barrel. It peruses every metal being electrically conductive. A warranty of one year is also provided on this edge finder.

7. TESA Brown and Sharpe Edge Finder

The brown and sharp is always a nice pick. It always tries to bring out the best products for you. If you work in a not so noisy place you are going to love this edge finder. Such a good tool at such a cheap price is hard to find one. The tool is too accurate and also gives you precise readings. The edge finder can work along for many years without any complaints. The tool also gives you the experience of class, and is made of a very good quality because that’s what you expect from the brown and sharpe tools. Coming to its features the edge finder has a capability of the audible as well as visual measurement for nothing but to increase your perfection. In order to avoid any kind of decay or corrosion the edge finder is made up of Hardness Rockwell C (HRC) 28-rated steel. To give you the all around nature the tool is available in various sizes so that you can get one for yourself which you find favourable. For the convenience of the user, the case of the tool is prepared very hardened. Also it provides you the ground to have a smooth flow while you use it. It has a 3/8’’ shank diameter and 0.200’’ head diameter.

In short you can say that if you work in a silent place where there is not a single sound of any kind of machine you can make use of this edge finder because it does make clicking sound which you would like to hear but would avoid if the place is a bit noisy.

8. FINDMALL Edge Finder 

This is an electronic edge finder with yet another bunch of features. This tool is of great use and is very easy to handle if you are aware of the knowledge about the edge finders. It allows you to have very accurate results and also have a feature of repeatability. This edge finder is of great use if you have the collets of bigger size. The tool is worth giving a try and is also very cheap. It has a shank diameter of 20mm and probe diameter of 10mm and also gives you perfect accuracy up to 0.005mm. It does save your time by locating your edges pretty fast. The main feature is that it has LED lights which light up instantly and also makes you aware that the tool is touching your work piece by making a beep sound. When the ball breaks away the spring puller helps you to bring it back to its place. It is hardened and ground for close tolerances. It is also not necessary to keep rotating it for measurement. The damages can also be prevented with the help of a sensor which is loaded with spring. It works great in the milling machines by giving you the edges in a very short period of time thus saving your time for finding the positions. 1.5V of battery (2 Pieces) is required to make the edge finder work. Hence, by looking at its features one might want to try it out once because as it is said ‘You might never know until you make use of it.’

These were the brilliant edge finder each having their highlighting features. You should make use of these tools not only to save your time but also to get quality work done.

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