Best Drawing Magnetic Board

Best Drawing Magnetic Board Reviews 2022

The magnetic board allows kids and toddlers to practice writing and even drawing on a white little board that fits in their hands and isn’t at all heavy. The best part about these boards is that you won’t be giving them pencils or pens that have a sharp edge and might hurt them.

The pen that comes with the board is safe and won’t prick your little one and they will get used to holding something like a pen in their hand. For drawing boards, you will also find colorful stamps with the board. Giving your kid a drawing board allows him to explore his creative abilities. It lets him visualize everything around him and at the same time, it shows the parents how the kid is understanding the world, ergo; he communicates through his drawings. If you are looking for a good magnetic board that your kid can enjoy, then you have come to the right place. The following are some of the best drawing magnetic boards which have been purchased and loved by verified users. 

Top 10 Drawing Magnetic Board Reviews

1. SGILE Magnetic Drawing Board Toy for Kids

This drawing board has 4 colors in 8 different color zones. When a kid is exposed to bright colors, it stimulates his interest and curiosity that permits him to enjoy drawing. The board is large enough to fit in your child’s lap, and they have designed it in such a way that it is lightweight. There is enough space on the board to let your kid spill out his creative colors. Besides, the edges are round and soft, so it is easy for him to carry around while eliminating the risk of injuries. While keeping in mind the health of the baby, manufacturers have used non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic. This board is ASTM and EN71 certified. It has a sliding eraser which clears the entire board in one swift movement. Swiping it back and forth will do the task. A little pen is associated with the board which avoids the unnecessary purchasing of stationery like pens, crayons, etc. It also prevents accidental spills. On the magnetic board are 3 geometrical stamps – circle, square, and triangle – in different colors, that will arouse your child’s interest. Parents can also teach the child about these shapes, engrossing him in fun-learning and drawing at the same time. 

The board has a sturdy string attached to it so you won’t have to place it down when not in use. The pen has a string, too, so it won’t be lost. Besides, the string is more in length so that a left-handed kid can easily use it, too. The stamps are stuck to the board with the help of a magnet because of which even your kid shakes the board. They won’t fall off and get lost. Customers have found the board durable. One can be assured that it will last for years or till your kid breaks it with a hammer. The kids have loved the various colors and even if this is called a drawing board, one can practice the alphabets and numbers on it, too. The wide space lets them explore themselves and keeps them busy for hours. Some parents have even said that it is a good Magna doodle for a road trip. Conclusively, it has good ratings and is highly recommended for everyone. 

2. Wellchild Magnetic Drawing Board for Toddlers

This is an affordable magnetic board for toddler boys and girls. It can be used both for writing and drawing. It has rounded edges that won’t hurt your kid when he/she is using it. A magnetic pen is attached to the board with a string that won’t be lost. There are 4 colors – blue, red, green, and yellow – with which the kid can draw and generate interest while drawing. A magnetic eraser makes it easy, especially for the kids, to erase the board with one quick slide. The board is durable and can be used for months. It has been constructed with the help of non-BPA material that won’t harm your baby. Besides, there are 3 different stampers on the board. The board has a separate bag in case you want to take the board away while traveling. There is a handle for the board, too, which helps the kids in holding the board. Moreover, the entire product is lightweight and convenient to use for kids above the age of three. A child below three years can use it for doodling, however, it should be noted that the board has hazardous items that can be swallowed. So, it is advised that parents monitor the child when he is handling the board. 

Using the board allows fewer accidents like spilling, the breaking of crayons and pens, and injuries with sharp edges of pencils and pens. Your walls will be saved. It can be used while traveling on planes and give your kid something to be busy with. People loved the product for its weight and its quality construction. The board is affordable and can be given as a gift, too. It has great reviews and can be purchased without reluctance.

3. CHUCHIK Toys Magnetic Drawing Board Set for Kids and Toddlers

This is a Magna doodle with four colors and stampers, which are attached to the board with the help of a magnet. This product is a combination of one large board and one small board that can be taken away when traveling. The larger one can be taken, too, but the smaller one fits anywhere, even in your handbag. The eraser bar allows erasing easier for kids. All you have to do is slide once, and it clears the entire picture. There is a double plastic layering on the product which makes it durable. Even if the kids stomp on it, the product won’t be damaged a lot. The drawing board is associated with a pen that is attached to a string. 

The materials used while making the board are non-toxic and made from high-quality materials because the health of kids is significant. The string of the pen is long so that left-handed ones won’t have to suffer. Along with the entire product – two drawing boards – the manufacturers give 6 stencils as well. 3 stencils are of animals and the rest three are of vehicles. Parents have loved how these keep the kids busy, especially when they are traveling. The kids find new things to draw about and at the same time, they learn something. It is a wonderful product and can be purchased. 

4. Magnetic Drawing Boards for Kids by Wesprex

This magnetic board has a large drawing area that will allow your kid to draw as much as he wants. With the help of one slide, the entire pad can be cleared. It is so simple that your child will learn it after using it 2-3 times under the parent’s guidance. Additionally, it has 3 different stamps in geometric shapes. One is a triangle, the other a square, and the last one a circle. The board has 4 colors in which the kid can draw or write. Besides, this product has two boards of two sizes. One is large of the dimensions 16.5’’ x 12.8’’ and the smaller one is 9.5’’ x 7.3’’. The smaller board can be used while traveling, as it will fit anywhere and is easy to carry. However, the smaller Magna doodle has only one stamp of a circular shape. With the material quality of both the boards, the parents need not worry as the board is made of high-quality ABS-plastic and non-toxic materials. 

This product is tested and approved by US Toy Standard ASTM. This drawing board can be used by children above the age of 3 years. But it is advised that parents initially pay attention when the child is using it because this product has minor items that can be swallowed. The manufacturers also provide a refund to their customers if they are unsatisfactory with their purchase. Parents have found the board to be light in weight, which makes it easier for the child to carry it around wherever he wants to. The pen is attached to the drawing board which prevents losing it around. Some parents have found the drawing board good enough for their kids, but not to a great level. Conclusively, it is a decent drawing magnetic board for children to draw on and learn. It is affordable, too. 

5. FiGoal 2 Pcs Magnetic Drawing Board with Stencils and Stickers

The entire package includes 2 drawing boards. One is of the dimensions 15.8 x 12” and the other is of 11 x 9”. The larger board has 4 stamps of different geometrical shapes that include triangle, circle, square, and hexagon. The smaller one has 2 stamps. They provide a pen with both the boards which are connected with a string. With the boards, the buyers will also get 6 stencils and 6 packs of bonus stickers. The six stencils include Airplane, Train, Car, Helicopter, Bicycle, and Sail Board whereas the stickers include numbers, vehicles, alphabets, cute dinosaurs, and animals. 

For the parent’s assurance and the kid’s safety, the board is ASTM and CPSIA tested and approved. It also meets the US toy standards. Both boards are made of double-layer plastic of high-quality. Plus, it is non-toxic and light in weight. It is guaranteed that the board won’t break even if the child throws it or steps on it. Parents have reviewed the drawing magnetic board to be easy to operate. Also, the erasing technique is not at all difficult in any manner. The boards are durable and the colorful images on the board allow the child to learn more and more while keeping him busy. It is an amazing gift if you have grandchildren. It has great reviews and is recommended by all happy customers. 

6. Hailey&Elijah Magnetic Drawing Board Colors Writing Painting Sketching Pad

This purple-colored drawing magnetic board has 4 vivid colors on it which will enhance your child’s artistic qualities. With the board, you will get cute five stamps which inlay to the back of the drawing board. Because of this, they won’t be lost.  With the product, the buyers get a cartoon sticker, too. The board is designed with the help of non-toxic, ABS plastic, which won’t harm your kid. The rounded edges will keep any injuries off the table and the attached pen is unlikely to be lost so you can take it anywhere with you. If in case you want to travel and keep your baby busy, then this board is a delightful companion. 

Parents have found this board to be amazing in teaching and having fun. Their children are kept busy plus, they have fun while narrating all that they could draw on the board. Kids have loved the colors and the stamps are fun to play with. Some have found other brands to be sturdier than this one, but it still is a decent drawing magnetic board. Parents are satisfied with how much they can teach their kids with this drawing board while staying assured about the plastic. It is recommended for children above three years of age.

7. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center

This board is useful for preschoolers because it teaches the alphabets – uppercase and lowercase – step-by-step. It has demonstrations in animation to show the child how an alphabet is written so that the kids can learn the same easily. The board can also be used to draw and doodle on. The pen has a string attached, and it is big enough that the child can hold it in its tiny fingers and go on about scribbling. The product provides stencil toys, too, that teach the child how to draw 26 different objects, starting from lines to shapes, in a fun manner. 

Initially, the board has 2 AA batteries, which are for trial purposes. The customers will have to buy new ones for permanency. The board is recommended for children between the age of 3 to 6 years. It is travel-friendly. Parents have noted how the children love playing and learning with the drawing board. Besides, the board produces music whenever it is drawn on, which makes it more fun. With the product, the buyers will get 2 stamps and 8 stencils which can be used for drawing on the board. The board is as light as 2 pounds, which makes it comfortable to hold and use for kids. Parents have loved how they can program a child’s name in the product and it’ll teach the child how to write it down. Finally, it has excellent reviews and parents can purchase it. 

8. Magnetic Drawing Boards for Kids by SUPREX

In one package you will get two Magna doodle boards. The larger one is 17” by 11.9” whilst the smaller one is 11.8” by 8.7”. Both of them have a large drawing area as per their dimensions, which will give your child an extensive area to scrawl on. The big board has three animal stamps and the small one has three sea animal stamps. Both the boards have 4 different colors which will make your kid’s drawing colorful. Also, it is simple to erase the board. All you have to do is teach your child to slide the eraser at the bottom of the board. As the question is about your child’s safety, the manufacturers have used high-quality ABS plastic that is non-toxic while designing this board. 

This product is ASTM tested and approved. At the same time, they follow the standards of US Toy Standards. This board is an amazing way to have fun with your children and teach them at the same time. The stamps that come with the board are magnetic, which won’t be lost and stay stuck with the board. The board is light in weight and is recommended for children above three years of age. Parents and grandparents can give this product as a gift to their kids. Parents have loved how their kids keep themselves busy with the board. It has round edges and its ergonomic design allows the children to hold it without injuring themselves. Parents have found it a brilliant companion for their little one while traveling. It is durable and comes at an affordable price. It has excellent reviews and is recommended. 

9. FLY2SKY Magnetic Drawing Board Kids

With this magnetic board, one will get 2 stamps, 2 stencils, 1 pencil – which is attached to the board with a string – and an extra pen in case you lose the original one. The board has four color zones, namely blue, yellow, red, and green. The numbers zero to nine are given on the top. It is very easy to write or draw on the board. The pen is big enough that it won’t slip from your child’s fingers. At the same time, it is easy to erase whatever is drawn or written with one slide. It can even be given as a gift to anyone above three years of age. 

Parents have reviewed the board to be lightweight and convenient to use. Also, it is economic and durable. It is constructed by using non-toxic ABS plastic. It has smooth edges and does not make noise or provide any kind of discomfort. In addition to the usage of this board at homes, one can use this outdoors, too. Parents have loved how the board has a large drawing area and how colorful the drawings turn out to be. Their kids learn and it amazes parents at how much they can enjoy. It is a great tool to bring out the artistic sides of their children because of which it has great reviews and is recommended to anyone who wants to purchase it without reluctance.

10. FONLLAM Magnetic Drawing Board

Because this board is made from ABS plastic, which is non-toxic, too, the parents need not worry about their child’s health. There is a wide drawing area given and the ergonomic design of the board makes it easy to hold and handle by kids. It won’t break easily and is durable. There are two stamps provided on the board and the pen won’t be lost as it is attached to a string. The board has four colors which will bring out the child’s creativity in the best way possible. 

Parents have found the board to be light in weight and does not hurt the child if they are keeping it in their lap or holding it in their hands. It gives their kids a tool to play with yet learn. Additionally, the parents can spend time with their children when they are using this board as it is advised that children use this board under a parent’s supervision. It does not create a mess like with crayons or injures your child-like with a pen or a pencil. This product was loved by all parents, and one can definitely buy it. 

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