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Best Drafting Compass Reviews 2022

A pair of compass is one of the most widespread and familiar tools due to its various functions in the field of drawing or sketching. Ever since a very young age, we have all used a compass at least once in our geometry classes. Mostly to draw circles and cut arcs. Be it any sort of construction that requires a precise angle measurement, the compass has always come to our rescue! However, these compasses are used for a lot more variety of purposes than to be used in an ordinary geometry class. Some of the areas where these compasses are used are listed ahead.

That is why, we bring to you, the 9 Best Geometry Compass we could find! 

1. Mr. Pen- Professional Compass

As the name already suggests, this compass is a professional one. Its fields of application not only include drafting but also varies upto various other fields like math, geometry, art and a lot more! It can draw circles that have a maximum diameter of 18 inches. The compass has been designed with quick settings and adjustments to prevent any unwanted movement or slipping of the legs. It is also made of good quality which also makes it very durable. It comes with a packing of ten extra leads and some spare needles. The needles and the leads provided are also interchangeable for the user’s comfort. As mentioned earlier, it also comes with various screws and a screwdriver to help with the adjustments. It also comes in a transparents and reusable pouch. Since it is also very compact, it is very easy to store and carry around.

2. Mr. Pen- Compass Set 

This is an entire set that comes with all the geometry tools you could ever need! The 15 piece package includes the following items: 

  • A study compass
  • A graphic compass
  • Extra lead for the graphic compass
  • A metal divider
  • Two pencils for the study compass
  • A mechanical pencil (0.5 mm) for the study compass
  • A pack of leads for the mechanical pencil
  • An eraser
  • A sharpener 
  • A ruler (6 inches)
  • A set square (30°/60°)
  • A set square (45°)
  • A protractor
  • A protractor with a swing arm (6 inches)

To keep all the items together and safe, this set also comes with a reusable pouch that makes carrying and storing all these items together a lot more easier!

The compasses are also easy to use. The graphic compass can draw circles almost perfectly ranging from 0.25 inches to 6 inches in radius measurements. The study compass can draw circles ranging from 0.25 inches to 5 inches radius. The rulers also have an easy to read inch to inch and centimeters measurements!

3. Offidea Professional Woodworking Compass (12 inch)

This is a compass that has been specifically designed for the professional carpenters and craftsmen. It has been carefully designed to make sure that it doesn’t make any unintentional movements or twist while being used. It is made of heavy duty carbon steel to make it more durable and easy to use. It can make circles of diameters between 0.5 inches and 30 inches. It also has the standard pencil holder. It is quick to make repeated measurements and also easy to adjust. It can also be used as a divider for taking measurements. 

This compass is recommendable for the following uses:

  • Wood works
  • Leather works
  • Metal works
  • Drawing/scribing

4. Mr. Pen- Replacement Compass

This is a high quality tool that can be used as a compass and divider both. This compass can draw circles that have upto 9 inches of diameter perfectly! The design of the compass has been modified to make it better and avoid unwanted movements or slipping of compass. It has an all metal nickel plating. The package also includes two spare leads and a reusable pouch that is easy or store and carry. 

5. Mr. Pen- Geometry Carpenter Compass

This all metal compass is highly recommended for professional uses. It can be used even as a divider for taking measurements.

The mentioned compass can be used for the following purposes:

  • Wood working
  • Math
  • Leather working
  • Metal working
  • Carpentry work

The compass can be used to draw circles that have upto 19 inches diameter. The quick leg adjustments make it easy to copy measurements without any unintentional movements. The high grade steel also prevents it from getting rusted. 

6. Staedtler Comfort

This 6 inch compass is completely made up of metal! This entire set comes with a 2 piece set compass, an universal adapter along with some extra leads and needles.   

The push button mechanism allows for easy adjustments of the compass.The leads and needles are both hinged and interchangeable. The entire set comes in a plastic case with an hinged lid to ensure safety of the tools.

7. J&R Quality Tools

This is another amazing dividing compass! It has a leg length of 12 inches. It can mark circles of diameters ranging from 0.5 inches to 30 inches. It also comes with a lockable wing that allows repeat measurements. 

Due to its design and functions, this divider is highly efficient when it comes to measuring diameters or arcs. It also has a pencil holder that can be used when the tool is needed to be used as a compass. 

8. Geometry Compass Set by Ferocious Viking

The compass in this set allows you to use the compass without making any unwanted movements and losing your grip. The compass comes with a set screw towards the center of the compass that lets you choose the size of the circle precisely and hold onto it without losing it.

The compass also includes an extension beam that can be attached to the compass in order to draw circles that have diameters up to 22 inches. 

The set includes the following: 

  • Two compasses
  • An extension beam
  • Attachments that are also interchangeable
  • A slip handle for writing tools
  • Sharpener for the leads
  • Lead container
  • Stylus pen 

This compass can be used in the following fields: 

  • Geometry classes for high school students 
  • College level drafting 
  • Designing in architecture field
  • Constructions

9. Offidea Professional Woodworking Compass (8 inch)

This compass is also made up of high quality carbon steel to become more durable and better. The compass makes it easy to draft. 

This compass can be used in the following fields: 

  • Wood works
  • Leather works
  • Metal works
  • Carpentry works

The easy yet remarkable adjustments available make it all the more easier to get desired proportions. The compass can make circles that range from 0.5 inches to 22 inches in diameter. One can easily work professionally with this compass. 

Areas of application: 

  • Mathematics
  • Navigation
  • Drafting

Types of compass: 

There are various types of compass that are used for different purposes. Here are a few of those compasses listed along with their functions. 

  • Dividing compass: This type of compass is used to measure the distance between any two points on a circle. These measurements can later on be converted into real time distances on maps and find out the desired distance. 
  • Beam compass: These were used mainly for drawing circles that were too large to be drawn by the regular compasses. They consisted of beams that were made up of wooden or any other alloy. 
  • Scribe compass: This is the most common compass that was usually used by the carpenters for drawing circles, taking down measurements and drawing lines too. 
  • Loose leg wing divider: These were more commonly used for drawing circles and doing repeated measurements with much precision.  
  • Proportional compass: This category of compass was also known as the military compass or the sector and was mainly used for calculation with the help two rulers it was made of. The two rulers were joined by a hinge and were widely used for mathematical calculations. 
  • Reduction compass: These types of compasses are mainly used to increase or decrease the size of a particular pattern without changing the angles of the same. 

Compass in Drafting:

Drafting is a technical and professional way of visualizing an idea and drawing it on paper for the purpose of construction. It makes it easier to get one’s idea across to others and help make the construction safer and faithful to the approved idea. 

Compass plays an important part in all of this as it is the tool that is used to get the angles as accurate as possible. Every degree of an angle is made sure to be as precise as it can get. 

There are various ways to get drafting done. They are as follows:

  1. Sketching
  2. Manual/Instrument
  3. Computer aided design

Sketching is usually the base of drafting. It usually refers to a free hand diagram to get an proper image and proceed with it. 

Manual or usage of instruments is the method where the compass comes to use. It is a very complex yet impressive way of drafting. In this, the drawing of various construction ideas are put onto the paper with the precision that’s almost as perfect as that of a computer’s. 

Computer aided design is the modern way of drafting. Various different softwares allow the user to draft without having to deal with the complex drafting tools. The measurements here are the most accurate one can get. 

There are a lot of people that still like doing the drafting process with the help of a compass. For these people, finding the tool that suits you just right is the biggest challenge and choosing amongst the tons of compasses out there is just way too time consuming. 

There it is! The tools that will help you pave the path of your success and dreams! 

So choose the one that resonates with you the most and get started today! 

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