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Best Center Punch Reviews 2022

As history speaks, the development of the tool was made by keeping the two principles in mind – to make the operation easy and to have the same impact over again. Automatic center punch is used to make a hole in any work piece may it be metal or a wood. You can make a hole easily without the use of a hammer. It is required to mark at the center of hole for drilling it perfectly. Some of them are also used to make decorative patters and images.

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Following are best automatic center punches one can make use of-

Top 11 Centre Punch

1. NEIKO Automatic Center Punch

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Some things make your life much easier. Neiko automatic centre punch is one of them. It has strong S2 steel tip which can hold to any hard surface it is used. May it be metal, gold, silver or any other surface this centre punch would not let you down as if it was made to get all your things done without any annoyance. It has knurled textured body that prevents you from dirt and corrosion. Its grip is not slippery so that it can be used on appliances for punching with ease. Its main feature is that you can adjust its cap to increase or decrease the force for punching by moving it clockwise or anticlockwise. That’s why most of the customers find it preferable and easy to handle. It is suitable for variety of tasks starting from construction to automotive due to its versatile nature. The ball end makes you hold the centre punch more comfortably without hurting yourself so that you can make accurate holes without any difficulty.  Along with punching and marking it is also used for scribing and staking. To sum it up, such automatic centre punch is of great use.

2. STARRETT 18A Automatic Center Punch

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We are always instructed to do our work properly so that nobody is hurt in the surrounding including ourselves. What if said that there still exist some tools for you to work easily, also with only one hand itself? Seems a bit hard to accept but starrett automatic center punch is one such tool which allows you to do your work with ease and also it is a one hand tool. Its main feature is that it automatically strikes a blow when a downward pressure is applied. You just have to apply slightest pressure and your work is done. Its steel is hardened and tempered to the proper hardness. It is nicely knurled making a soft grip for the fingers to use it. These punches are used all over the world but mostly by the machinists and carpenters. It has adjustable knurled cap that manages the force of the blow. The cap is screwed down if a heavy mark is required and screwed upwards for a lighter mark. Here, no hammer is required and the punch gives the mark with perfect dept and size. The point can also be removed by regrinding. The only precaution needed is, safety glasses should be worn while using this tool. 

3. STARRETT 18C Automatic Center Punch 

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Starrett 18C is another version of automatic center punch which is a pretty good tool to have one. It is heavy duty automatic center punches with adjustable strokes of 5-1/4’’ long with 11/16’’ diameter to create the mark without the use of the hammer. The main feature of this center punch is that it is capable of striking the surface a heavier blow than the starrett 18A and 18 AA. It is made from hardened and tempered steel components which provide the necessary resistance and strength. It is knurled well to have a better grip on the punch to use it with ease. The point can also be removed for sharpening or the replacement. It works well to mark a mark the work piece and give the required guidance for the drill. The stroke of the punch can be adjusted as per requirement by turning the knurled cap and is also regulated by spring tension for the uniform mark size at every setting. Automatic center punch has an internal spring mechanism that allows you to mark without the use of hammer, leaving your one hand free to do the rest of the work. 

4. HORUSDY Automatic Center Punch 

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Unlike other center punches, horusdy center punches does have their uniqueness which stands out from others. It comes in a pair of two of which one is super strong automatic center punch and the other is general automatic centre punch. Just adjust the punch at the right position, give a stroke of your punch and thus you will get a perfect hole of a perfect size so that you can screw very easily without any annoyance. You can also use it for vehicle emergencies like to slide the window to rescue by glass breaking. Coming to its features there are many to highlight. The centre punch tip is made of hardened chrome vanadium does making it durable. It also has an adjustable stoke which can be set by turning the knurled cap. There is no need to use a hammer as the punch has an internal mechanism that enables you to use the tool efficiently and makes your work done with just one stroke. The punch is regulated by spring tension to give you exact mark at every setting. It is also of multipurpose you can use it on iron plate, glass, ceramic tile and many others. It is worth to give a try for this tool. 

5. LISLE Automatic Center Punch

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If you pay for something you wish the thing to be perfect without any drawbacks. While lisle automatic center punch is one such product. It is easy to handle and is a perfect peace as it is not that hard or soft on use say- balanced. The work you cannot do even with a hammer can be done with this punch in a blink of an eye. It is perfectly designed and has the most comfortable grip to your fingers. It can be used on any surface you want to whether it be metal, or wooden or aluminum or fiberglass. It has an adjustable cap you can change it upwards or downwards to increase or decrease the force. The hardened steel tip can also be replaced. The automatic action fires if the downward pressure is applied. This punch is good while dealing with the marks for drilling. It just gives you the perfect mark so that you can drill your nails easily and also this punch never bounces while marking which is quiet satisfactory for the users. 

6. FOWLER Automatic Center Punch

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Fowler provides you the best quality of automatic center punches. It has a diameter of 5/8’’. It is of heavy duty automatic centre punch. The handle of the punch is made up of steel. The knurled cap is used to give pressure for the perfect marking. It should be screwed upwards for a lighter marking and downwards for a slightly heavier marking. It also contains four knurled bands to make the grip more comfortable. It contains a spring pressure for repeatability. The thicker metal may require using it more than once at a same place but it does keep the drill from wandering. The tip of the punch can also be replaced for sharpening it. Instead of buying a cheaper tool and regretting it later on it is profitable to use a quality product like fowler automatic centre punch. It also provides the customers 1 year warranty if you get a defective tool. Sooner or later you will find this tool to be an excellent choice you made.

7. General Tools 89 Stainless Steel Automatic Center punch

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Every brand tries to bring out their best products and some even reach to that level. General automatic centre punch is one such product that will bring the feeling of satisfactory along with it. As the name suggests itself the body of the center punch is made up of stainless steel. And yes it gives a very much comfortable grip to your fingers so that you can do the markings with ease. Here too, the hammer is not required making your work half way effortless. Only a single hand of yours is enough to ensure that you can use the tool freely. The punch is not only used for marking but also for punching and staking. It is so accurate that the center punch prevents the drill from wandering even a bit and can screw the nails very precisely. It does contain spring tensions like others to make adjustments of pressure from lighter to heavier. The punch has very hardened steel point. It is due to stainless steel body that the tool will not rust making it durable. It is also used for emergencies of vehicles as a slide window rescue breaking tool. We can say that the tools do their job in just the correct manner. Even 90 days of warranty is available on the parts and workmanship. It is a good tool to be used at such a price.  

8. General Tools 79 Automatic Center Punch

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The general tools 79 automatic center punch is one the most long lasting tool you will use. You can use this tool for many years and still you would not have any complain about it. It measures 5’’ body with a 1/2’’ diameter. Its main feature is that along with marking you can also use it for punching, scribing and then start drilling the nails. It can be called as a ‘Mini Heavy –Duty Automatic Centre Punch’. Its steel point is very hardened and you can also replace it if the steel tip wears off. It is durable as it contains black oxide body which prevents the tool from rusting. Is body is also designed in such a way that it makes a good grip while using it. It provides greater comfort as it allows one hand operation. The use of the hammer is not required. Taking about its depth the center punch can be set on repetitive work. The center punch does have an adjustable spring tension cap which allows you to adjust the force of stroke may it be light or heavy according to your own will. It is a great tool to make use of. 

9. TEKTON 6580 Automatic Center Punch

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This Centre Punch will make such an impression that you would not keep yourself from advising the product to others. It has its own features that stand out among the others. Mainly it has a brass body with a deeply knurled surface for the nonslip control over your fingers. It can be used on any surface may it be metal or a plastic or even wood. Its main work is that it allows you to make the perfect dimple on the surface so that while you can drill your nails it would not wander around making your work more complicated. The tool is very easy to handle and gets your work done real quick. When it is pressed against any surface it delivers an automatic sprig driven strike. It also has an adjustable cap you can use while striking to change the amount of force. It’s also a great tool to be used on vehicles. It may be a bit heavier but knows how to do its work properly. You can for sure may the use of this tool because as said never miss a chance of something that brings good. 

10. MUDDER Automatic center Punch

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This tool comes with the pack of 4 pieces each 5 inches long. These are the perfect tools you can gift someone. It is a good product also with a good customer support. The pack contains 4 pieces 2 of each color, gold and silver you can make use of both for a longer time and can also replace it if you get a default piece. The red cap of the tool is like a comfortable cushion so that you can use it without hurting your palm. Plus it also contains adjustable spring tension to increase or decrease the force to stroke. The mark can be made very easily you have to place the tip of the tool and press it slightly and when you are done, you can see the mark done without any difficulty. Another thing to highlight is that it can be used on any surface you desire wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc. Not only for marking but can also work for punching, pricking and scribing. The center punch tip is made of hardened chrome vanadium. It also has knurled grip for accurate punching. You should give this tool a try.

11. FORGE Automatic Center Punch 

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This tool also comes in a pack of two with 5 inches each. The main features if this tool is that it can be used for thousands of strikes to make you job done. The tip of the tool is chrome plated. The tool does make a solid mark and works with any surface wood, aluminum, brass, metal, steel, etc.

The tool gives a start point so that your drill does not walk away. Like others it does have an adjustable tension screw you can get your work done with a simple hand operation there is no need of using a hammer. There is also a 5 inches brass spring loaded to work with ease. The knurled surface allows you to have control over the grip. The tool is also used in vehicles at the time of emergencies so that you can break the glass and escape yourself out. So you can also keep one tool in your vehicle for safety. The tool is made heavy and is of great quality.


These were the best automatic center punches one should make use of to get their work done with quality and ease without hurting yourself.


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