Best Psychrometers

Best Psychrometers

Psychrometer is a tool which is used to measure Relative Humidity and they are mostly used in Meteorology.It contains two thermometers namely wet bulb and dry bulb to measure the Relative humidity. Analog,Digital,Sling are three types of Psychrometers but mostly Digital Psychrometer is used these days, as it is portable,easy to use,can be carried anywhere,gives … Read more

Inside Micrometers

What is an inside micrometer? An inside micrometer is a tool used to measure the inner diameter of pipes and holes.  For example, say you wanted an accurate measurement of a nut and bolt.  You would use an outside micrometer to measure the diameter of the bolt.  You would then grab an inside micrometer to … Read more

V-Anvil Micrometers

What is a V-Anvil Micrometer? The v-anvil micrometer is a measuring tool that is used to measure the diameter of cutting tools.  These include reamers, taps, and end mills.  The tools usually have between 3 and 5 flutes. The v-anvil micrometer is also used to inspect the roundness.  This procedure is a result of centerless … Read more