Micrometers are great tools when you need an exact and precise measurement.  You may think that all micrometers are the same, however there are some differences between each model.Our buying guide and micrometer reviews below will help you understand what to look for when buying a micrometer.  We’ve also listed 5 of the best micrometers on the market and provided you with important maintenance tips so you can get the most out of your purchase.  Let’s talk about what you should look for when comparing different models.

Remember that any micrometer on this list will work perfectly.  Each model mentioned will provide you with accurate measurements.  We based this list on several different factors such as price, quality, durability, and features.  You need to ask yourself what factors are most important to you.  Obviously, you get what you pay for.  Higher priced micrometers can last decades.  However, if you need it to last only a few years, you’d be better off going with a less expensive model.

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If you measure objects of all shapes and sizes, investing in high quality micrometer sets will save you money.  You could potentially save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a set, rather than buying each micrometer individually.

Before making a purchase, make a list of objects you measure most frequently.  What range does it fall under?  Some micrometer sets are capable of recording measurements from 0-12 inches.  You may need a set that ranges from 6-12″.  By recording your most frequent measurements, you will get the best bang for your buck.

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Top Best Rated Micrometers

This list contains the top brands in precision tools such as Starrett, Mitutoyo, Fowler, and Shars.

1. Mitutoyo Digimatic Outside Micrometer

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This is the micrometer I use on an everyday basis.  It’s one of the most popular micrometers on the market today.  Hobbyists and professionals can both benefit from this high quality micrometer.

Favorite Features

  • LCD Screen: A digital LCD screen allows for fast and accurate readings.
  • Quality:  Mitutoyo is known for it’s high quality products.  You can’t go wrong with any micrometer from this company.

2. iGaging Digital Outside Micrometer

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We recommend this budget micrometer to students and hobbyists just starting out.  It doesn’t have the build as other high quality micrometer brands, but it is accurate enough to work on certain projects.

Favorite Features

  • Affordability:  Click the link below to get a discount on this micrometer.  This is one of the best budget micrometers under $50.
  • Accuracy:  For being a budget micrometer, this model is accurate enough to work on certain projects in the garage or classroom.

3. Starrett 2 Inch Outside Micrometer

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This is another high quality micrometer that I use on a daily basis.  This Starrett Micrometer is capable of measuring objects between 1-2 inches.  The no-glare chrome finish on the thimble and sleeve is a nice feature.  It filters out UV light and minimizes surface glare.

Favorite Features

  • Balanaced Frame Design: Even with the added weight of an LCD screen, this micrometer feels balanced in my hands.
  • LCD Screen: This model is a digital micrometer, allowing for fast readings.

4. Rexbeti Digital Micrometer, Professional Inch/Metric Thickness

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The Rexbeti manufacturer has taken micrometer to a next level as it has designed a phenomenal micrometer. You may ask what is so special about this? Well, the Rexbeti micrometer gives you everything you need in a micrometer. The range level  of this is upto 0-1 inches or 0-25 mm. The accuracy is top notch as it gives you a precise value of up to 0.0001 inches. The micrometer comes with a large and clear LCD display located on the top of the micrometer. This is completely digital as the resolution is up to 0.0005 inches or 0.0001mm. The advantage of an LCD display is that, this absolutely eliminates human errors, which constitutes majority of the errors and give you a precise value you can note down during measuring any thing. The micrometer has an automatic conversion mode from metric to inch. The handle of this micrometer is ratcheted for better accuracy and flexibility. The outer covering or the case is very durable and hard and in the case, with the micrometer, comes a user manual, a storage case and an extra battery for the micrometer. 

5. Anytime Tools Micrometer  Outside Premium Precision Machinist Tool

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The Anytime Tools Micrometer Machinist tool comes in a blue and grey colour where the handle of the micrometer located below is sea blue colour. The frame of the micrometer is made of cast iron which prevents the micrometer from rusting and any atmospheric changes. The frame of the handle of the micrometer is made of a thick carbide anvil material which makes it rough and rigid. Hence, it also makes it very durable. The range of this micrometer is about 0-1 inches. The reading is also very accurate and precise in this micrometer which goes upto a value even as small as 0.0001 inches. The frame of the micrometer is balances and thimble. It is ratcheted at the handle to make it much more accurate, precise and flexible. The etched values on the cast iron part of the micrometer doesn’t fade or get damaged and you can take the values of the thickness of any material precisely even after using it for a long time. 

6. Fowler Full Warranty Inch Digital Outside Micrometer

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The Fowler Outside Micrometer is is one of the best micrometers according to research. The  micrometer has a digital display which gives you more accuracy and precision. The accuracy range of this micrometer will be very precise and goes upto a value of 0.0001 inches too on the vernier scale. The material of the frame of the Fowler Outside Micrometer is made of hardened steel anvil to give it a more tough and rigid look. The handle is very thimble and ratcheted to increase its flexibility and accuracy. The top part of the micrometer is made of cast iron to prevent it from oxidising and also makes it really tough. So, if you drop it, nothing will happen. The ratchet handle also gives you a more precise and stable force applied by the user. The micrometer is given a year of warranty period. So, if you experience any problems or zero value errors, then you can always exchange it in a blink of an eye. 

7. Mitutoyo 293-348-30 Digimatic Micrometer

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Mitutoyo Digimatic Micrometer is made to be completely digital as it has an electromagnetic sensor attached which helps in giving an accurate reading. The micrometer comes in a plain white colour which gives it a more attractive and appealing look. The accuracy of the micrometer is up to 0.0001inches. The range is from 0 to 1 inches. The material used in this micrometer is cast iron on the top part and a very hardened steel anvil for the handle or the frame. This is to prevent it from oxidising and also giving a tough surface, in order to make it more durable. The micrometer is ratcheted in the gadle to give it more flexibility and accuracy too. The etching on the cast iron does not fade away even after a long time, so you need not worry about that. The micrometer has a year warranty period. 

8. Mitutoyo 103-177 Outside Micrometer

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Mitutoyo 103-177 outside micrometer is not digital like the other series of the Mitutoyo brand mentioned above. The vernier scale given in this micrometer has an accuracy level of up to 0.0001 inches. Amazing right? It even has a range of up to 1 inches. The micrometer has a smooth black enamel finish to make it look appealing and attractive. It also has a satin chrome finish near the handle to make the handle silky smooth, but a gripping surface is present too. The satin chrome finish also helps to prevent oxidation and rusting of the micrometer. At the top, the material is a hardened carbide anvil to give the micrometer tough surface in order to survive a fall. 

9. Mitutoyo Depth Micrometer

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This is my favorite depth micrometer.  I use this several times a week to measure the depths of teeth I cut in steel.  The measuring rods included with this micrometer are adjustable to compensate for wear.

Favorite Features

  • Interchangeable Stems:  The additional rods included with this Mitutoyo depth micrometer allow you to take measurements anywhere between 0-6 inches.
  • 4 Inch Base:  The 4 inch base allows you to measure wide steps, teeth, and gaps with no problem.

Top Best Rated Micrometer Sets

Micrometer sets are a great investment for anyone who uses these tools on a daily basis.  Here’s our favorite sets built by top brands such as Mitutoyo, Starrett, and Brown & Sharpe.

10. Mitutoyo Interchangeable Anvil Outside Micrometer Set

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This Mitutoyo micrometer set is one of my favorites.  Rather than having several different bodies, this set contains one micrometer body.  To measure objects of different size ranges, you simply swap the current stem with one of the additional stems that are included in the set.

Favorite Features

  • Versatile: The interchangeable anvil stems make this micrometer capable of recording a wide range of measurements.
  • Space Saver: The custom wood case included with this micrometer set is super slim because it only contain one body.

11. Anytime Tools Outside Micrometer Set

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This micrometer set by Anytime Tools is perfect for students and hobbyists.  The set includes 6 different micrometers with a total range of 0-6 inches.  Although we wouldn’t recommend this particular set to a professional machinist, this set is great for your garage or classroom.

Favorite Features

  • Affordability:  This micrometer set is a great bargain for anyone just starting out.
  • Carbide Anvil:  This makes the micrometers more durable and less susceptible to wear over time.

12. HFS (R) 0-6″x0.0001″ ; 6pcs Premium Outside Micrometer Set

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The HFS premium outside micrometer set is given a nice baked enamel finished frame. This will increase the durability and accuracy of these micrometers to the next level. The micrometer has a micro lapped carbide measuring faces. This in turn gives a mirror touch on the object you are measuring. This will increase the accuracy of the reading. The whole micrometer had a satin chrome finish, which gives it an extravagant look. This also increases the texture of micrometer and hence, you can observe the residings better. The micrometer is hardened and spindled with carbide anvil in order to give it durability, flexibility and more accurate readings. The HFS micrometer set comes with six micrometers varying in ranges. The six micrometers has a range of o inches to 6 inches respectively. The accuracy of these micrometers goes to a precise level of 0.0001 inches. Hence, we can say that the accuracy of these micrometers goes upto three decimal places. 

13. Fowler Outside Micrometer Set

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This is another set that we recommend for students and hobbyists.  The low price and high accuracy make this set a great purchase.

Favorite Features

  • Affordability: Great price for anyone looking to measure material between 0-3 inches.
  • Digital Counter: This is a unique feature that we find quite useful.  There is no LCD screen but each micrometer in this set contains a digital counter for fast readings.  

14. iGaging 0-3″ Digital Electronic Outside Micrometer 

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The iGaging outside micrometer is one of the most unique and recent products. It is completely digital. An LCD screen is given at the top of the micrometer to measure the values. The iGaging micrometer set comes in  a set of three ranging from 0 inches to 3 inches. The iGaging micrometer is made from carbide anvil which is hardened and spindles in order to make the micrometer more durable and accurate. With the micrometers, an adjustment wrench is also given to adjust the setting in micrometer. An extra battery is also given for the LCD display. The iGaging micrometer comes with two modes, that is the metric and standard mode. This micrometer is impeccably accurate up to a value of 0.00016 inches. Stunning, right? The micrometer switches off automatically after you are done using it. It has a resolution of 0.00005 inches or 0.0001 mm. The company gives you a year warranty, so if anything happens to it, you can always exchange it. 

15. Anytime Tools 0-6″ Premium Outside Micrometer

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The Anytime Tools has also released a six set micrometer, unlike the one mentioned above which had a four set one. This micrometer is also in demand. The handle of this micrometer is blue in colour, while the tip part is silver. The six micrometers has six different ranges, ranging from 0 inches up to inches. You can use any one which matches your needs. The accuracy level of the measurement is as precise up to 0.0001 inches. Astonishing, right? These micrometers are made from carbide anvil which is hardened. This increases the durability and accuracy of the micrometer. The micrometer comes with a ratchet and thimble handle to improve accuracy and flexibility. The top part of the micrometer is made of cast steel frame which is powder coated and has a baked finish. The case is wood padded for safety of micrometers. The handle of micrometers are also padded for your comfort.

16. Brown & Sharpe Outside Micrometer Set

We recommend this set for the working professional measuring material between 0-3 inches.  This micrometer set by Brown & Sharpe should be looked at as a long term investment.  With proper maintenance, these micrometers will last a decades.

Favorite Features

  • Quality: You know your getting top quality when you buy Brown & Sharpe micrometers.
  • Durability: This will be the only 0-3 micrometer set you will ever need.

17. Accusize Industrial Tools 0-6 inch Precision micrometer set

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The Accusize precision outdoor micrometer set comes with six micrometers. These micrometers varies from the range of 0 inches to six inches. The accuracy of these micrometers is accurate up to three decimal places. These micrometers are ultra precise with an M type outside set. The side frame is a solid casting frame which is made of cast iron. This increases the durability, flexibility and accuracy of the micrometer. The resolution of these micrometers are 0.001 inches. The material with which it is made is the hardened carbide anvil which increases its durability. The set also had an adjustable wrench to set the micrometer for your comfort. Micrometers of range 2 inches and larger are furnished with standards. 

18. Fowler Full Warranty Economy Outside Micrometer set

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The Fowler Outside Micrometer Set is designed with style and accuracy. The micrometer set comes with four micrometers which has a range of 0 inches up to four inches. You can use whichever according to your needs. The frames of these micrometers are completely insulated to prevent the heat from the users hands to flow into the micrometer. The handle is ratcheted and is very thimble to ensure the accuracy of the observations and also allows flexibility. The handle and frame has a stain chrome finish which increases the durability of the micrometer. Due to the satin chrome finish, the observation value which is etched onto the micrometers won’t wear or in time and does will have a clear writing. The micrometer is spindles and hardened to make it durable, that is, to prevent it from dents and scratches. Moreover, the Fowler company gives you a year warranty, so if anything happens to the micrometer, you can always exchange it in the blink of an eye. 

19. WonderSunM 6 Pcs 0-6″ Professional Premium Outside Micrometer Set 

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The WonderSunM comes in a set of 6 micrometers. The outer case of these micrometers is just amazing as it gives you a lot of storage space. These six micrometers have the range from 0 inches to 6 inches respectively. You can use the one you need at that time. The accuracy of this micrometer goes to about three decimal places, that is, it has an accuracy of 0.0001 inches. The readings etched on the scale is very crisp and easy to read. Even after using it for a long time, the readings won’t wear off. The micrometer is manufactured from a carbide anvil which is hardened and spindled to improve accuracy and durability. With the micrometer, comes an adjustment wrench by which you can adjust the settings of the micrometer according to your comfort. The handle of this micrometer is ratcheted to improve the flexibility, durability and accuracy of micrometers. A lock nut is also given in this set. The handle part of micrometer is made of cast iron to prevent it from denting, rusting and scratches.

20. Anytime Tools Premium Outside Micrometer Set

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The Anytime Tools outside micrometer set is a premium bunch of micrometers which has a high demand in the market. The Anytime Tools gives you a very precise and accurate reading. The accuracy level of these micrometers are upto 0.0001 inches. The readings which are etched onto the micrometer won’t wear off even if it experiences any scratches or dents. The reading will be crisp and clear even after using it for a long amount of time. The Anytime Tools Premium set includes four micrometer of different ranges. These ranges vary from 0 inches to four inches in these four micrometers. These  micrometers are manufactured from the material known as hardened carbon anvil. This material will ensure durability and will also give you accuracy. The set also consists of a wrench to adjust your micrometer according to your comfort. The handle of this micrometer is ratcheted for accuracy and flexibility purposes. The handle of these micrometers are padded for your comfort. 

Types of Micrometers

Micrometers come in all shapes and sizes.  Each model serves a different purpose.  It is important to get the correct type that is best suitable for your job.  Micrometers typically fall under the following categories:

  • Outside Micrometer – These micrometers are typically used to measure wires, pipes, and blocks.  Outside micrometers are capable of measuring anything thinner than a piece of paper to an object that is several feet wide.
  • Inside Micrometer – These types of micrometers are typically used to measure the inside of a hole or tube. They are usually manufactured either as a caliper-type micrometer or a tubular micrometer.
  • Depth Micrometer – If you need to measure the depths of teeth, slots, or steps, this is the type of micrometer you want.  Depth micrometers are commonly sold in a set that includes interchangeable measuring rods.

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Speciality Micrometers

  • V-Anvil Micrometer – These types of micrometers are capable of measuring the outside diameter of cutting heads.
  • Tube Micrometer – Need to measure the wall thickness of a tube or pipe?  This micrometer is the one for the job.  The anvil of a tube micrometer is curved.  This allows a single point of contact with the object.

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Choosing the Best Micrometer

Like any purchase, it’s important to do your research before you make a decision.  When buying a micrometer, there are a few important things to keep in mind.  Here are some things to consider before buying your first micrometer.

Wide Range of Sizes.

What type of material are you using your micrometer for?  Will you mostly be using your micrometer for smaller stuff?  If so this 0-1″ micrometer would work perfect for you.  If you’re handling slightly larger material, you should check out this 1-2″ micrometer by Starrett.

Know your Tolerance.

How important is accuracy to you?  Do you need to measure your material to the nearest thousandth? Hundredth thousandth?  You may want to stick with a certain brand if accuracy is of utmost importance.  Starrett micrometers are known for their accuracy.

Standard vs Digital.

Digital micrometers offer the user an LCD read out of their measurement.  Standard micrometers require you to read the sleeve to get a measurement.  Like any other electronic device, the digital micrometer will eventually become obsolete.  However, this won’t happen for several years.  If taken care of properly, standard micrometers can last a lifetime.  I’ve used micrometers over 60 years old.  These well maintained devices are still just as accurate as they were six decades before.

Top Micrometer Reviews

We provide in-depth micrometer reviews to help make your buying decision easier.  We work with micrometers on a daily basis in our shop.  These models are manufactured by some of the top brands such as Mitutoyo and Starrett.  We base our reccomendations on several different factors including accuracy, price, features, and durability.  We hope these micrometer reviews are helpful to you as you go through your research and purchase!  If you have any questions about a particular model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer

Micrometer Maintenance Tips

Micrometers enable you to get precise measurements that aren’t possible with other tools.  It is important you handle these instruments with care.  Here are some maintenance tips that will help you get the most out of your micrometer.

Oil your Micrometer.

Every other week or so, you should apply  a small amount of all-purpose oil to your micrometer.  This will help fight corrosion and rust.  If you plan on storing your micrometer for several weeks or months with no use, you should also oil the internal thread of your micrometer.

Clean regularly.

You must clean your micrometer throughly to avoid corrosion.  Wipe it down before and after each use with a dry, lint-free cloth.  This will keep your micrometer free of scrap and ensure you are getting an accurate reading.

Store in a Secure Place.

Micrometers are fragile.  When not in use, make sure you store your micrometer in a safe and secure place.  Store in a well ventilated area, ideally at room temperature.  Avoid damp areas to help extend the life of your micrometer.

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Micrometer Accessories

  • Calibration Kits – To make sure your micrometers are holding an accurate measurement, you’ll want a calibration kit.  These blocks will help you calibrate your micrometer to to make sure your readings aren’t producing any errors.
  • Instrument Oil – This is a necessity if you want your micrometer to perform at it’s highest level for years to come.  Not only will oil prevent rust and corrosion, but it will also help the thimble turn steady and smooth.
  • Micrometer Stands – These allow you to keep both hands free while you are inspecting your material.  The best micrometer stands are manufactured by brands such as Mitutoyo and Starrett.

Final Thoughts

A micrometer can be a great addition to any toolbox.  By following these micrometer maintenance tips,  you’ll get a lifetime of use out of your new precision tool.  The micrometers listed on this site are the best on the market.  We’ve taken the time to review, test, and calibrate these tools in order to make your purchase easier for you.

While you may find cheaper micrometers available, they don’t come close in quality or accuracy.  Cheap micrometers may only last a year or two before they start showing signs of breaking.  You can find the best micrometer for you by following our reviews and buying guide.  These micrometers have been tested, reviewed, and are built to last.  The precision of these high quality micrometers will guarantee an accurate reading.  Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”.  If your work is important to you, you won’t be disappointed in any of these micrometers.